Drivers Education

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Our Facilities

We are a company equipped with a fully air-conditioned lecture room complete with guided training modules and manuals. We have the facilities and equipment that will enhance our student’s skills, knowledge and abilities making them responsible and educated drivers

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Our Vehicles

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Automatic and Manual

The company provides manual, automatic and 4-wheel drive vehicle transmissions with a modified separate brake pedal for the instructor. Manual and automatic motorcycles are also provided. All vehicles are all well equipped with front and rear-view dashboard camera for our students’ safety and security purposes. All company vehicles are roadworthy to ensure an immersive learning experience.

What Do We Have To Offer?

Our Instructors

All of our instructors comply with the Land Transportation Offices requirements to conduct the LTO’s accredited training modules. More Info

Instructors are educated using the LTO’s modules and approved training curriculum. The curriculum comprises a full description of the theoretical and practical instruction mandated by the Land Transportation Office. The content is wholly comprehensiveness in depth and engagement to achieve desired learning goals. Evaluations are also given to assess the progression of the learning process. The overall framework is designed to produce disciplined drivers for the safety of everyone behind the wheel.

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Our Courses

All courses include a FREE two-hour theoretical lecture. This is to ensure that students have a fundamental overview of the course. All courses have rates designed to allow students the freedom of choice according to their preference, especially in terms of their skill level and the class schedules.


Regular Course

Offers an hour of practical training each session day.               

Rush Course

Offers five to seven hours of practical training in a single day.                                                                                           

Special Course

Offers two to three hours of practical training each session day.

Executive Course

Picks-up students from their respective homes/offices at the start of each training session and drops-them back off after the training session.


  • Free 2 hour theoretical lecture
    • Traffic Rules and Etiquette
    • Pre-drive & Post Trip Inspection
    • Defensive Driving Instruction
    • Drivers Responsibilities
  • Demonstration of the basic parts, functions & operation
  • Maneuvering
  • Practical Instruction e.g. Driving


As part of our marketing campaign, to promote Jaymiens Driving School, we have created tumblers, caps, key chains, key holders and dri-fit shirts for everyone.