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Driving lesson rates vary, depending upon your choice of course. Jaymiens offers training using your choice of Automatic or Manual transmission type vehicles.  Each course has a corresponding rate.

For more information please visit Services.

we offer a Regular Course, Special Course, Rush Course and an Executive Course.

Our office is located in Barangay Payahan, Purok 2 on Cajurao Street. For more information please visit our contact us page.

Please bring a 1x1 I.D. photo, 2 valid I.D.’s and your student permit.

Filipino and foreign citizens whose age is 17 yrs. old and above. A consent letter is required upon enrollment. Student Permits

[Due to the current COVID-19 regulations, the Land Transportation Office requires 22 years old and above.]

“While it is possible for a driver to achieve greater control and fuel economy while driving a stick, that driver must be experienced and familiar with engine dynamics. Few drivers are, and in some cases, they actually drive so inefficiently that the car is less fuel efficient than an automatic version of the same vehicle. Especially for younger drivers, an automatic may be a safer and more efficient choice.

While automatic transmissions have more moving part, first, and most obviously, they are a lot easier to drive. The vehicle is doing more of the work for you, you need not worry about the clutch; your left foot is free and driving requires less intense concentration.

So, which is better?

Does the manual transmission have the edge? Or does the advantage belong to the automatic transmission? The answer is, of course, up to you. Clearly, both have their pros and cons. If you are a focused driver who likes to feel the workings of your vehicle, perhaps you’d prefer a manual transmission. If you’re just not bothered with such things, it will be easier to opt for the automatic transmission.”

Are Stick Shifts Cheaper Than Cars with Automatic Transmissions?

For more information please visit Services.

For more information please visit Services.

Our business hours are Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM & Sunday we are Closed.

You can pay with CASH upon enrollment, GCash using our QR code or PAYMAYA.

Proper attire is strictly observed especially during practical instruction. Guidelines are posted here.

If a student fails to attend a scheduled driving lesson, it will be forfeit unless the student has given a 48-hour notice prior to missing the scheduled driving lesson.


Yes! We are currently accepting applications for the Student Permit.

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