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To produce responsible and well-educated drivers, enabling them to establish good, healthy driving habits that will help ensure their safety and the safety of others throughout their daily lives.


We are committed to excellence in quality service.

JMDS Final 1809


To provide each student with our professional counsel allowing them to master the skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to become safe, proficient and responsible educated drivers.


To ensure our students have the knowledge and skills necessary to traverse the Philippine roadways safely and efficiently.


JAYMIENS Driving School is a Samar based company located in Barangay Payahan, Calbayog City. The school aims to provide quality teaching. We offer beginners courses and refresher courses for professional and non-professional driver license holders.

Our lecture room is wholly equipped with an innovatory audio & video system complete with the latest study material and air conditioning. The material includes the latest updated traffic signs, signals and pavement markings issued by the DPWHLTOLGU and other regulatory agencies. These tools will assist our students through the well lectured learning process. Our lecture room has an ergonomic design that cultivates your ability to learn.

We are accredited by the Land Transportation Office.  Our curriculum is guided by manuals and modules relative to land transportation, traffic rules and regulations. We present this using two phases of instruction these include theoretical classroom lectures and practical driving instruction.

The school provides manual and automatic 4-wheeled vehicles with modified separate brake pedal for the instructor. Manual and automatic motorcycles are also provided. The school wholly checks and maintains all vehicles ensuring they are in good condition and are well equipped with front and rear-view dashboard camera for our students’ safety and security purposes.

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Our story began with a one car dream. Through travelling, and exploring the areas of discovery, we realized the importance of transportation and its role in our daily lives. This simply carries an important social and environmental load from one destination to another which could not be neglected.

Then practicality, comfort, accessibility, security and safety came along.

Moving forward, our one car dream has grown. We started reaching people. We cater to their needs, everything from personal issues, to vacationing, events, work-related, assistance and anything else that is associated with transportation. This made us realize that it is simply a fundamental human need that they are hankering to fulfill. This challenge drives us to help and our aim is to make it happen.

Today, the expansion of our transportation dream has become reality. This pursuit has led to the creation of a driving school that will surely serve many current and future students in the region. With a passion to achieve successful goals in the transportation industry, we believe that by providing the best quality training service we will produce skilled and responsible drivers.

Jaymiens Driving School aspires to pursue excellent in quality service exceeding existing driving schools. We will not compromise services and integrity to achieve a lofty place in the transportation industry


The proposed school was supposed to have started on March 2020. The Blessing of Jaymiens Driving School headquarter was done on the same month. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening of the school was pushed back to June 2020. The school was proposed when the Land Transportation Office (LTO), under the Department of Transportation decided to implement an accredited driving school for issuance of a driver’s license. This was created to discourage the use of fake licenses.

Together, with the Land Transportation Office, President Rodrigo Duterte set a goal for 2020 to produce knowledgeable, skilled drivers on the city streets. This will reduce traffic accidents and create responsible Filipino drivers. “The revised rules will serve two purposes,” said Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya. “First, they will better ensure the fitness and capability of license card holders. Second, they will streamline the application process to make it more convenient for the public.”  Read more:

With this, an Enhanced Driving School Accreditation (EDSA) and Standardized Driver Training and Education (SDTE) were mandated under the Land Transportation Office Memorandum Circular No. 2018-2176. Instructions from LTO require all applicants to take up a driving course in accredited driving schools only.



Pass The Exam

To ensure that all students, who study at Jaymiens DSCYP, will pass their driver's examination and secure a driver’s license issued by the LTO.


To enable our students to adopt the safety and defensive skills, instilled during training, allowing them to apply this proficiency to their daily lives

Modules and Material

To provide our students with current, comprehensive, guided, learning material and modules to facilitate the learning process.

Practice and Theory

To ensure that the theories and practical training, taught at Jaymiens DSCYP, will be useful in real life, day to day, driving situations.

Knowledge and Training

To ensure that our students internalize the knowledge and training that has been inculcated throughout this course of study.

Educated and Responsible

To ensure that all theoretical and practical training done at Jaymiens DSCYP will produce skilled, responsible and educated drivers.

Kirby Yu Bun-an

July 16, 2020

"Very good in teaching. I learned very fast. worth the money."

Angelo Agasang

June 22, 2020

The school is so good. The ambiance of the place is great and all their staff are kind. Their instructor is so professional and clean and well maintained the facilities and their vehicles. Out of 10 ill give it a perfect 10. Good job!